Invest in Yourself 
This 1-minute video was created for a real estate agent who was looking to attract the younger demographic. The premise of the piece is to guide first-time homebuyers or investors to reach their real estate goals. 
When presented with this project, it first started with thinking about the message, what did we want the audience to know and how we were going to portray it all in a 1-minute video. After lots of brainstorming, the best approach was to make the video into steps like they are reading an article, which is something that people are familiar with. 
Spinning Wheel of Death 
A little inside joke within the media industry is the impending spinning wheel of death when you are using software that might crash at any moment. This is what this exercise was inspired by - creating an indication that your mouse/cursor is loading or waiting for something to load or complete. 
Take a Volkswagon Adventure 
I created this piece for personal experimentation and knowledge. I love Volkswagon vans and wanted to create a cute motion graphic of one going on a road trip. I created the graphics in Adobe Illustrator and then brought the pieces into Adobe After Effects to animate each piece.
Sign Up For Our Newsletter
Occasionally I make motion graphic pieces for the Visual Artists' Association at Ryerson University. This was one that I created to encourage followers to sign up for VAA's newsletter. 
Deliver Information Creatively 
The goal of this exercise was to create something that might be seen in a documentary, something that communicates information in a visual way. With the current pandemic, I thought it would be interesting to document the COVID-19 cases in Ontario from February 2020 to November 2020. Statistics provided by the Government of Canada.
Get Creative With ONLY Text
This exercise was to challenge us to create a short video only using text. I found some really cool typography tutorials and combined them to communicate what it is like being in school during a pandemic. A lot of the inspiration came from music video visualizers and commercials seen today. 
For this exercise, the objective was to make a loading screen for a game. Similar to one when you are waiting for a video game to load, the screen gives you some indication of what the game is about and brings you into that world. My idea for this piece was to create a character that follows the loading processes and with some inspiration from pigeons in the city, this was the result.
Instagram Happy Halloween Post
During my time at Ryerson, I was a part of a student group called Visual Artists' Association (VAA) where I was the Director of Marketing. As part of a small team, I helped the graphic designer with animating this short Instagram post for Halloween. 
Need A Break Vacation Ad
I created this ad for a class assignment with the idea to create a motion graphic that works as a commercial to persuade an audience of a product or service. I created this piece during the winter so I was dreaming of being in a warm place with the water nearby. If I can't go on a trip, I made one instead.