I created this piece before the COVID- 19 virus but it kind of relates to the situation that we are currently going through.
I enjoy playing around with digital photo manipulation and found a cool Photoshop tutorial where they separated the Big Ben in England into sections. I didn’t purposely go out to take photographs of the building nor did I have plans to create this piece to look the way it turned out.
I was walking around campus and found these cool condo buildings that were segregated into blocks and thought it would be an interesting building to play around with in Photoshop. I thought back to the tutorial and though this would be a great building to do this cool effect in Photoshop.
I first started with a photograph of the building in the middle which I put into Adobe Photoshop where I separated the levels/blocks in the building.
The original design of separating the building didn’t take too long, it adding something around that building to give a surreal look that took a long time. The project took a pause for a month or two before I went back to it with an idea to add floating pieces in sky. Even after this step, I wanted to animate the pieces that are floating to make them look like they are floating in from the sides but found that would need to be another project.
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