I recently completed a course at Ryerson called Motion Graphics which focuses on animation within After Effects. Below is the collection of exercises that were completed in the last 3 months.

Prompt: Spinning Wheel of Death 

A little inside joke within the media industry is the impending spinning wheel of death when you are using software that might crash at any moment. Always a good practice to save your work often. This is what this exercise was inspired by - creating an indication that your mouse/cursor is loading or waiting for something. 

Prompt: Loading Screen

For this exercise, the objective was to make a loading screen for a game. Similar to when you are waiting for a video game to load, the screen gives you some indication of what the game is about and brings you into that world. My idea for this piece was to create a character that follows the loading processes and with some inspiration of pigeons in the city, this was the result

Prompt: Inform

This exercise was to create something that might be seen in a documentary, something shares information in a visual way. With the current pandemic I thought it would be interesting to document that COVID-19 cases in Ontario from February 2020 - November 2020. Statistics provided by the Government of Canada.

Promp: Character Rigging

This was my attempt to using Adobe After Effects Character Rigging. First you must create a character in Adobe Illustrator, label it properly and then bring it into After Effects. After applying a plugin, you link all the limbs and body parts to the skeleton. Once this step is complete you can start animating and moving each body part into a cohesive motion. 

Prompt: Create a Gif

Prompt: Gif

This exercise was to make a gif or a video that looped. It was around the summer time and I was inspired by the sunsets in the evening so I thought I would make a little sunset gif of the sun going down 

Prompt: Type

This exercise was meant to challenge us to create a short video only using text, no shapes, lines or form just text. I found some really cool trendy typography tutorials and tried to recreate some of the common text animations that can be seen today in music videos and in commercials.

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