Idea behind the motion graphic:
The motion graphic sequence will revolve around millennial travelling or where they should take a trip to. Millennials are one of the top demographics that want to travel and take lots of photos. It will open with a vector of someone floating on a floatie through water in a pool, someone sitting under some umbrellas, and some tropical leaves and other pool props (floaties, flip flops, towels) these will all give the impression of a warm tropical area. As we see the person floating across the pool, to give the illusion of water movement, the floaties will also be moving slightly. The screen will wipe across to give 2 or 3 quick Polaroid photographs of locations to visit (food, tourist locations, landscape) then finally the sequence will end with the display of social media platform handles for Instagram and Facebook as well as a website. Although millennials want to travel, they also look for the best deals to save their money. With this said, given that there is time, I will provide a discount when they refer a friend or book within a given time.

For the main illustration, I will be using Adobe Illustrator to create the vector portion of the sequence (the women floating in a pool). For the photographic elements I will use Adobe Photoshop, to edit the photos to my liking but also frame them into Polaroid photos, as millennials like that film look but will also create and give them a look into where their next vacation can be almost like a scrapbook or a new place to take some Instagram shots. These images will be placed at the end of the sequence alongside the social platforms. This will give the look of photos that are posted daily on social media platforms and to see more, they should follow the account. Once I have all the photographic, vector and audio components, I will bring all the pieces into Adobe After Effects to animate and create motion within the graphics such as animating the water to make it move, have the floaties and the girl moving like they are floating in water. The screen will use a wipe transition into the final sequence with the Polaroid’s and call to action (social tags/ website).
Mood / Style:
The overall feeling of the sequence will use slow edits, nothing too fast or overedited. I want it to give the feeling of relaxation and a place to unwind from the normally fast paced life. I will achieve this by selecting a small portion of vectors to be moving at one time, and cuts will be at a moderate speed.
Millennials love their aesthetically pleasing styles so I will be using a colour scheme that is bright and colorful mainly consisting of light pinks, orange-pink and blues. I also believe that limiting your choices in colour will build a stronger piece and consistency throughout. Like what we have talked about in class, the general rules of contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity will have a huge role in creating this motion graphic to please the eye but also to keep it simple and interesting. For example, use of other floaties around the pool will fill in space and movement in the frame, alignment and proximity to make sure that the typography and other elements don’t look out of place. The fonts that I will use won’t be bold, but almost not too thin as it would lose impact. I will be using a sans serif font family to keep it clean but friendly, which is something that millennials are used to with popular companies like Apple and their use of Helvetica.
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